About Us

The Shire of Avonmore is made up of members who are from  the areas of  Moncton  to Sussex  and surrounding areas within the province of New Brunswick.

We are a group known as the “Society for Creative Anachronism”, or SCA for short,  a not-for-profit educational organization which studies the Middle Ages by recreating the pastimes and crafts of the period.

We here in Avonmore enjoy bringing history to life. We are a group of men, women and children that come together to study and learn about the middle-ages pre 16 hundreds.

Let us tell you a little of what we love to do and hope you will come and join us in the many events we have throughout the year in many areas in the Shire of Avonmore New Brunswick

There are many in the group who sing and play instruments from the past. We even have learned to make a harp.
We have Fencing and Archery, we even have some fighters too !!!
We learn to make our Garb ( clothing) in the same manner as they did.
Some people like to portray the life of a Pirate, Vikings, Italians, English, Celtic, Hungarian and many more persona’s.

Our artisans do amazing things, here are a few things they do.
There is Illumination and calligraphy, pewter makers, embroidery, silversmith and blacksmiths, and so much more.

They make their armor from leather, chain maille and other sources.
There are so many wonderful thing I could not tell you them all

Come and see what we do

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