Seneschal – Acts as the legal representative of a branch. They are the person in charge of the organization of meetings, events, etc., and basically act as the President of the branch, with the other

branch officers reporting to the Seneschal. The Seneschal’s badge is a gold horizontal key on a red background.

Lady Marlena (Nancy Clark )


Chancellor of the Exchequer – Maintains the bank accounts and oversees the finances of the branch. The Exchequer’s badge is a blue background with a red and white checked stripe down the center and gold coins on either side.

Martin Nutchrusher ( Matthew Brennan )

Herald/Persuivant– Assist people in the development and registration of names and devices. The Herald also makes announcements at Court and around events. The Herald’s badge is two crossed gold horns on a green field.

Scur Irwynnson ( Sebastien Levesque )

Minister of Arts & Sciences– Encourages the development of the arts and sciences. The MOAS may help to set up classes between people who know about a particular subject and those who wish to learn. The badge for the MOAS is a white, lit candle inside a white arch on a blue background.

Mayven Toulousee (Catherine Giffin)

(506) 899-0829

Knight Marshall – Supervises the training and safety of the SCA combat. The Knight Marshall also organizes practice sessions for local fighters. The Knight Marshal’s badge has two crossed gold swords on a black background.

Lord Barnabus O’Pheylan ( Peter Brown)

Chatelaine – Welcomes and assists newcomers to the SCA. The Chatelaine is an excellent resource for information about all aspects of the SCA and often has handouts and resources designed for newcomers. (Note that Chatelaine is a feminine form of this title. Masculine forms are Chatelain and Castellan.) The Chatelain’s badge has a gold vertical key on a green field.

Lady  Fallon Hopkynes (Onda Masters )

Chronicler – Produces the branch’s newsletter. The Chronicler’s badge has a white and black counterchanged quills.

Minister of the Lists – Is responsible for maintaining a roster of qualified fighters. 

Matilda Fossoway ( Heather Irving)
Webminister– Maintains and updates the website as required
Lord Edward Avonmore ( Dwayne Van Buskirk)

(506) 381-2881

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